Can you handle the heat?

Fancy walking across burning coals for charity? Now is your chance to boost your confidence and support good causes. You can either raise money for one of our preferred local causes or select your own.

Hot coals not your thing? Try our Lego firewalk instead!

Kids always leaving lego on the bedroom floor - get your own back and sponsor them to try our Lego Firewalk!

Any person wishing to participate in the firewalk or Lego firewalk is required to pay a non refundable registration fee of £30 for hot coals or £15 for Lego only (this is to cover the cost of the event).

You must be over 18 to participate in the firewalk - but the final decision is up to the organisers and this is final and entirely at our discretion.

You must be over 10 years old to enter the Lego firewalk.

For fundraising we recommend that you set a sponsorship target upwards of £100 (£50 for the lego firewalk). To make things even easier we will set up a gofundme page for you. All funds go direct to the group/charity and you don’t even have to collect the funds after the event. Please note 40% of donations will go to Avonmouth Projects Group CIC to help continue their work in the community. The remaining 60% will be donated to your chosen charity. Avonmouth Projects Groups CIC is a non profit organisation. This money will help support and maintain the Christmas tree and lights in Avonmouth park as well as provide community events and transport. For more information visit
Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. This event is being organised by Avonmouth Projects Group CIC - a CIC is a company that reinvests any profits into local events and causes (none of the directors get paid and organise these events on a voluntary basis).

How does it work?
After you have registered you will have until November 9th to raise as much as you can for charity. On the night once you have signed a consent form/disclaimer and received your security wrist band you will undergo a 1 hour training seminar in a private room away from the public.

Please note: this training is based on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and around current Psychological responses to extreme challenges. It does not involve any hypnosis or other alternative disciplines. All Fire Walkers must attend this seminar and will be refused entry to the fire if all or part of the seminar is missed for whatever reason. Friends, family and the general public will be excluded from this seminar.

Once the training seminar has finished you will be lead outside to where the fire has been burning away whilst the training has been in progress. After a short safety brief and demonstration on how to walk on the fire you will be invited to take your shoes and socks off and line up ready. When the Fire Master is happy that the group are in the right frame of mind, the exciting pulse quickening music is screaming out from the PA system and the fire is safe to cross he will open the fire and walk first.

Each firewalker will then show their security band to him/her and be allowed to cross the fire. You may of course rejoin the queue and walk as many times as you like or until the Fire Master decides that the fire is no longer walk-able. After the Fire Walk all participants will return indoors for a short debrief session and award of certificates.


Frequently asked questions
Is there an age limit? In law there isn’t one! However, our policy is that the person must be over 18.

Do you have medical support at the event? Although we have rigorous safety standards, accidents can happen. Therefore, the event team will have on site a full 50+ persons first aid kit and large Lewis-Plast burns kit with state of the art burns gels. ALL fire trainers are first aid trained and certificated in-date to Health and Safety at Work (first Aid) Regulations 1981.
Will there be any fire safety equipment? The following fire appliances will beon site: 1 x 9ltr water fire extinguisher, fire blankets and 6x12 ltr water buckets ....... oh and of course a fully suited fire man!

Do I actually walk on a flaming fire? No, you walk on the fire bed itself, which are really the red-hot glowing embers of the wood. The fire will have been burning for approx 2 hours so by the time you come out of the training seminar flames maybe be seen on the wood to each side of the fire lane but not on the part you will be invited to walk down. You will NOT walk on the actual flames.

How long is the fire? Normally approx 4 - 5 meters long and 1 meter wide meaning it will take about 5 - 6 strides to walk it.

Is fire walking weather dependent? Not really. If we can light the wood and the venue is not considered dangerous i.e. slippy underfoot, the event will run as planned. We have lots of full size golf umbrellas with us as a back up should we consider them essential seasonal wear!!

Should I harden or soften the skin on my feet? NO. The skin on your feet is already the hardest on the body and does not require treating prior to a Fire Walk. In fact if you do apply lotions or potions within 5 days of the event you will not be allowed to walk on the fire! Dry nail varnish/polish applied to toe nails is completely fine.

What’s the best thing to wear on the night? We would suggest casual clothing is best. All you need to do is roll up the bottom of your trousers or dress mainly not to get dirty. Obviously tights and stockings would need to be removed before the fire walk itself. It’s advisable to bring some wet wipes and/or an old towel as your feet will be very sooty from walking on the fire bed and your socks will get filthy.

What about Insurance and Health and Safety Issues? Put simply, this is an adult activity and as the children’s programme Blue Peter often reminded us ‘please do not try these events at home’.

All events are led and conducted by our experienced team of F.I.R.E qualified facilitators.
They have an excellent safety record. The trainers have £5m Public liability insurance with additional documentation in place from our Underwriters stating that they acknowledge the fact that they carry out fire walking as an activity. However, the act of purposefully walking over the hot coals is totally uninsurable.

All firewalkers will be required to sign a legal disclaimer saying that they fully understand that the activity of fire walking is potentially dangerous and people have received burns in the past. They are also signing to say that they understand that the activity of fire walking is not mandatory at the seminar and that the decision to fire walk is taken of their own free will and not from being under the influence of un-prescribed drugs or alcohol.

Anyone assessed as being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be refused entry to the fire walk and a refund will NOT be given.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Event organised by Avonmouth Projects Group CIC and Goram Events Ltd.